Pure White Quartz Works on projects with Thassos Marble, Pure White Cultured Marble, Perfect White and Engineered Thazoz (Glass).
Carbonia Marble Replaces Nuevo White Carrara Marble, Alabama White Marble, Georgia White Marble, Cherokee White Marble, Vermont White Marble and Bianco Carrara Marble.
Travertine Marble Works for projects with Roman Travertine, Turkish Travertine, Iroc & Durango Travertine.
Carrara marble is a type of white or blue-grey marble popular for use in sculpture and building decor.

Gold Coast Does Stock Marble Shower Curbs

Our window sills in marble can also be used as wall caps for shower curbs. We also stock window sills that have 2 long sides polished and beveled that are specially designed for shower curbs.

Materials Used For Marble Window Sills

We have 4 standard stones that we use for window sills. These are Carbonia (Carrara), Travertine, White Solid Surface (Corian) and Pure White Quartz. Due to their natural and neutral looks, these are the preferred stones of interior designers, contractors and homeowners.

We Sell Wholesale Only

We sell full crate and containers only.  For individual piece purchases, go to our sister company:  goldcoastwindowsills.com     If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us and we will be happy to assist you.   Call: 561-575-1495

How Are the Window Sills Being Shipped?

Window sills are very fragile. Special packing and handling is required. We use nationwide shipping companies to ship our crates. Our high volume allows us to negotiate very competitive rates for crates to your warehouse. Since we only sell full crates, an order must be at a minimum of 1 crate (50 or 100 pieces depending on merchandise packaging).

Window Sills Crates Packaging

Our window sills are packed in strong wood stackable crates which are suitable for nationwide shipping.